Wow! The things that people do while driving.

Honk if you Like BRIGHTdriver!

Over the last week I’ve been popping up on different parts of Boston’s highway system to survey the traffic and share the BRIGHTdriver story. My first observation is that the traffic is terrible. Whether its the stretch of 93S coming through Boston or inbound on the Mass Pike; cars move at a snail’s pace. However,  If anyone ever needs a pick-me-up in the morning I recommend heading to your local overpass and start waving at drivers in traffic. Many folks, whose eyes have glazed over with boredom are thrilled to have something else to look at other than the dirty bumper of the car in front of them. The wave, finger point, and thumbs up is a great way to spend a morning.

From my perch I often can see what each driver is doing in the car. In addition to the phone calls and the texting, I ‘ve seen people reading magazines, one eating a personal pan pizza, and one even having  a bowl of cereal. The cereal is the most impressive because you really need two hands to do it. Some other things that surprised me are the number of female truckers on the road and the number of sunroofs open in the winter. I also noticed a significant difference in , Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volvo driving in the Mass Pike versus 93S. Does that say where the affluent areas of MA are situated?

I’ve been having fun out on the road. If you see me waving say hello! Unless you are eating cereal and driving.


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