When Traffic and Twitter Collide

I think it is generally understood that social media is a great tool to, not only keep up with friends and family, but to talk to people from all over the world.  What may not be as well known is using social media as a place to vent frustrations.

As the Social Media Marketing Manager for BRIGHTdriver, I’ve been able to take advantage of both these facets of social media, specifically on Twitter. I’ve never been more aware of all the real time traffic around the world. I’ve also never realized how painful it can be to sit in traffic and that many people tweet as a way of escaping it. On any given day there are 2000 people who tweet about their traffic. Justin Beiber recently tweeted how he hates LA traffic and there were 23,000 folks who chimed in with #traffic.

While it’s a bummer to hear of folks stuck in gridlock, I’m grateful to be the one that replies with good news—there’s a solution for you and it’s called BRIGHTdriver.


Here are some examples of my favorite #traffic tweets:

That’s not very safe, Anne!

Traffic around the world!



And my two personal favorites…

Note: His gas gauge is on E.

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