1.     What is BRIGHTdriver?
BRIGHTdriver is your interactive audio engine for millions of in-vehicle consumers. For the first time, drivers have a safe way to use their smartphone in the car. Our adaptive technology creates a user experience designed for the car and is suited for education as well as entertainment applications.
2.     Why BRIGHTdriver?
We spend a lot of time in our cars between errands, driving our kids around town, and commuting to work. The average American spends more time in the car than they do watching TV. This is time spent either bored or stressed, and listening to the same radio stations, hearing the same songs and news over and over again, or trying to squeeze in a distracted call with family or friends. We envisioned something better for our drive; something more fun, safer, and more rewarding.

3.     Is it safe?
Safety is core to our company. By focusing on audio-based interaction, we vastly reduce visual distraction, even compared to the numerous systems in our cars today as well as compared to texting, reading emails, or making phone calls.

4.     How do I get started?
If you have a smartphone, you can use BRIGHTdriver. We have a demonstration iPhone application called Holiday Rider available for free in iTunes. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/holiday-rider/id586656791

5.     Can I connect BRIGHTdriver to my car?
BRIGHTdriver is compatible with Bluetooth systems, and can also be connected to car stereos by auxiliary jack, or FM Transmitter.


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