First Review: Whats it like using BRIGHTdriver?

Many folks ask whats it like using BRIGHTdriver? We’ll here is your first look! Melissa from Pennsylvania is an early tester of BRIGHTdriver through several iterations of our product. Here is the experience in her own words. Thanks for sharing Melissa!

I have really enjoyed playing BRIGHTdriver!  I felt safe using it in the car, and did not find it distracting because it gives you lots of time to respond, it’s easy to pause, and it responds mostly to audio cues.  I think the voice of Holly is friendly without being overbearing.  The sound was clear, sometimes we plugged it into my car to make it louder when I had a group in the vehicle and picked a designated responder – it’s easy to turn it into a group game by taking turns, and I like that 2 player is now an option.  My husband and I used BRIGHTdriver outside of the car, too.  Not sure we should admit this, but we turn it into a Quizzo game at home with friends.  Very classy.  But it’s a lot of fun!  

Considering the potential for background noise I think the audio cues work really well!  This kind of technology has come a long way with BRIGHTdriver!  I especially love it for road trips, particularly being on a highway where your drive is really consistent and very boring, and you want something interactive to keep your mind sharp.

I particularly liked the pop trivia and the Red Sox trivia!  I can’t wait to try more!


Bryn Athyn, PA

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