My Story – Why Games in the Car Changed My Life!

The Racing Ranger

I have something to tell you – I was a dangerous driver. No, I didn’t text and drive (that much). I didn’t tailgate (unless you were going the speed limit). I didn’t eat cereal in the car (but fries with ketchup for dippin’, yes) I was an aggressive driver, and this is my first meeting for Autos Anonymous.

Back in late 2011, when the idea of BRIGHTdriver was just in its formative stages, I had this crazy idea. Actually, some people keep telling me it’s crazy, until they hear this story. The crazy idea was this – what if I made my daily drive into a game, and the point was to drive not as fast as possible, but as smoothly as possible? No jackrabbit starts. No slamming on the brakes. No being the first guy to the red light.

Why? Well at the time I was interested in how I could improve my fuel efficiency. Smooth driving is a great way to be efficient. And the incredible thing is, I did improve my efficiency. At least ten percent. But something way more interesting happened. My personality changed!

All of a sudden, it wasn’t the slow drivers that were annoying me. It was the fast ones. The ones that swerved in front of me just to be one ahead at a red light. The tailgaters. The maniacs. They were totally losing the game! How could they be so proud of that?

But another really interesting thing happened. I became less stressed out during my daily drive. Rather than feeling like a crazed Boston driver, my drives became better. I was all about being smooth. Red lights were no worry. Traffic was a breeze.

So I thought to myself, this could be big. What if it was fun to be a good driver? What if car time was “game on”? That would be bright. Really bright.

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