Having Fun on Your Drive

This is part 3 in a series and builds on the thesis that games for the car are a way to eliminate boredom of the daily drive…. But wait, that’s nuts, a game that you play on your smartphone while driving? The notion, conjures up, a teen driver barreling down the road while playing Angry Birds or worse, this cartoon.

NO! Our games are all AUDIO and are no more dangerous than your trusty radio or books-on-tape. And beside, do you know what’s most dangerous about commuting? BOREDOM. Texting, phone calls, even radio are merely symptoms of a larger, lurking issue with driving, that is boredom. Driving is a lonely activity. While you are driving, you are not doing all the things that make you happy – spending time with friends and family, doing productive things, and enjoying life. Nationally, one of every 3 Americans commute. Their commutes are typically over 45 minutes each way, and most Americans commute alone-over the same roads every day. Lots of smart people think boredom is a dangerous distraction.

A recent study at Newcastle University found that boredom while driving is provoking a third of drivers to seek alternative excitement, and suggests adding complexity to the driving experience could help drivers re-focus on the road.

Similarly, researchers at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics have found that additional stimulation to the driver is important to creating an optimal driver state between boredom and overload. Boredom, it turns out is just as dangerous as being overloaded.

At BRIGHTdriver, we have set out to create interaction in the car that complements the drive. Here’s the techy part- through real-time GPS monitoring and active driver input we receive insight into the driver’s mental state as well as the environment that they are operating their car. By understanding driver context we can adjust audio interaction to adapt to moments of driver boredom as well as driver overload. The short of it is we can tell if you are bored or stressed and adjust the game to how you are feeling! Not only are we creating games that are fun and interesting, they also can make you a better driver and perhaps a smarter, more relaxed person. Now who doesn’t want that?!

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