Getting into the Game on your Commute

What are your favorite games and why? Is it Angry Birds, Foursquare? Games are more than leveling up and receiving badges, which is why the world spends 3 billion hours a week playing games! A well designed game, digital or not, football, squash, chess, World of Warcraft, or Words with Friends, can fulfill real human needs. Social scientist and game designer, Jane McGonigal describes some of these rewards as the ability to connect socially, to be productive, and experience the chance of being successful. BRIGHTdriver is bringing the same excitement and experience of the best games to the car to fulfill those things that we are missing from our drive.

Our smartphone games are sure to excite drivers who are ready to play a new genre of game and dying to spice up their commute. Our first game called My Best Mile rewards drivers for skillful driving. Acceleration and braking, cornering and speed are measured to score your drive. If you choose to compete against your friends or the computer, the best mile of your drive is compared. However, beware of the road block which opponents can use to gain an edge in the game. My Best Mile helps drivers refocus their attention to their drive in an exciting new way.

Volley is our second game, a twist on traditional trivia games. Like Trivial Pursuit you are rewarded for answering correct trivia questions. However, you have the opportunity to pass your trivia question off to your opponent. If your opponent answers incorrectly you are rewarded, but watch out! Opponents receive double points for correct answers to your volley. Choose your volleys carefully.

Our early tests have been overwhelmingly positive and we are thrilled be share BRIGHTdriver with the driving world.  Have fun on your next drive!

What games should we create next for the car? We’d love to hear from you!

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