Commuting Stinks!

Let’s face it, commuting is the worst! Travelling on the same road every day, through the same mix of the predictable traffic and accidents wears you (and your car) down. Recently, I was trying to alleviate the boredom of my commute by making a phone call, when I ended up in a 4 car fender-bender travelling 5 MPH in stop and go traffic. Just this past week, a couple in a standard Ford F150 used the hood of my car as their brake on a steep hill in traffic. I should start commuting with those padded “bumper buddies” that sit on your fender.

For the last two years I’ve commuted every day from Boston to suburbia and back, and it is hell.  In many respects it could be said my commute was easy-it’s a 13-mile  “reverse commute” with half highway, half town roads. Yet, no matter how much I tried to strategically time my drive and be proactive with traffic reports, I always spent between 1-2 hours in the car per day. For many folks like me, commuting is inevitable. The company I created, BRIGHTdriver, helps make time on the road a little less painful-more on that in future posts. We have had some great commuters testing our product so far. One commuted over 2 hours a day. Another was suffering a long commute in Chile.

To kick off our blog posts -please share your commuting stories (longest, most trafficked, etc.) We’d love to hear from you!



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  1. Greg Thomas says:

    Here is the comment I left for Robert following an article he published in . The use of laptops in public safety vehicles opens a pandora’s box against the general public for your company. Good Luck!

    What a great article. The argument that I have made to Senators and Representative looking to place bans on texting and other infotainment systems is… the number of laptops that are installed in public safety vehicles, phone companies, cable companies, and power companies. These laptops are nothing more than cell phones. In public safety vehicles (police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances) the driver can receive call information, send acknowledgements, and send text vehicle to vehicle. Imagine texting while driving a 10 ton fire truck down a busy 4 lane highway with the red lights and siren on…. After spending millions of dollars on the complex communication systems, the government will never turn them off, yet the drivers are doing the same things I do with my phone – TEXTING. No matter how interactive you make car electronic systems, people will still talk on their phones and send text messages. Nearly everyone has a cell phone and there is no way that law enforcement can control their usage, even if they care to (because they are texting, too). Drivers love to text and play with their infotainment systems. Leave them alone. Thanks.

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