When Traffic and Twitter Collide

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I think it is generally understood that social media is a great tool to, not only keep up with friends and family, but to talk to people from all over the world.  What may not be as well known is using social media as a place to vent frustrations. As the Social Media Marketing Manager for BRIGHTdriver, I’ve been able to take advantage of both these facets of social media, specifically on Twitter. I’ve never been more aware of all the real time traffic around the world. I’ve also never realized how painful it can be to sit in traffic and...

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18 Years of Cruising – A Pictorial History of My Rides

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The First Love – 1977 Volvo 244DL. Rust Brown. Purchased in 1996. Sold in 1997. The Pimp Daddy. 1987 Cadillac Sedan Deville. Black. Purchased in 1998. Scrapped in 1999 (Hit while parked). The Bandit. 1979 Pontiac Trans-Am. Black. Purchased in 1999. Sold in 1999 (I moved to NYC).  The Rough Rider. 1997 Mazda B-2300. Green. Purchased in 2002. Sold in 2005. The Commuter. 1997 Volkswagen Passat GLX VR6. Purchased in 2005. Sold in 2006. The Weekender. Porsche 911. Rented in 2006. The Junior Executive. 2007 BMW 328XI. Graphite....

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My Story – Why Games in the Car Changed My Life!

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I have something to tell you – I was a dangerous driver. No, I didn’t text and drive (that much). I didn’t tailgate (unless you were going the speed limit). I didn’t eat cereal in the car (but fries with ketchup for dippin’, yes) I was an aggressive driver, and this is my first meeting for Autos Anonymous. Back in late 2011, when the idea of BRIGHTdriver was just in its formative stages, I had this crazy idea. Actually, some people keep telling me it’s crazy, until they hear this story. The crazy idea was...

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Wow! The things that people do while driving.

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Over the last week I’ve been popping up on different parts of Boston’s highway system to survey the traffic and share the BRIGHTdriver story. My first observation is that the traffic is terrible. Whether its the stretch of 93S coming through Boston or inbound on the Mass Pike; cars move at a snail’s pace. However,  If anyone ever needs a pick-me-up in the morning I recommend heading to your local overpass and start waving at drivers in traffic. Many folks, whose eyes have glazed over with boredom are thrilled to have something else to...

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First Review: Whats it like using BRIGHTdriver?

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Many folks ask whats it like using BRIGHTdriver? We’ll here is your first look! Melissa from Pennsylvania is an early tester of BRIGHTdriver through several iterations of our product. Here is the experience in her own words. Thanks for sharing Melissa! I have really enjoyed playing BRIGHTdriver!  I felt safe using it in the car, and did not find it distracting because it gives you lots of time to respond, it’s easy to pause, and it responds mostly to audio cues.  I think the voice of Holly is friendly without being overbearing....

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Getting into the Game on your Commute

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What are your favorite games and why? Is it Angry Birds, Foursquare? Games are more than leveling up and receiving badges, which is why the world spends 3 billion hours a week playing games! A well designed game, digital or not, football, squash, chess, World of Warcraft, or Words with Friends, can fulfill real human needs. Social scientist and game designer, Jane McGonigal describes some of these rewards as the ability to connect socially, to be productive, and experience the chance of being successful. BRIGHTdriver is bringing the same...

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Having Fun on Your Drive

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This is part 3 in a series and builds on the thesis that games for the car are a way to eliminate boredom of the daily drive…. But wait, that’s nuts, a game that you play on your smartphone while driving? The notion, conjures up, a teen driver barreling down the road while playing Angry Birds or worse, this cartoon. NO! Our games are all AUDIO and are no more dangerous than your trusty radio or books-on-tape. And beside, do you know what’s most dangerous about commuting? BOREDOM. Texting, phone calls, even radio are merely symptoms...

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Beating the Commute

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How do you beat the boredom of a daily commute?  NPR? Been there. Makes you think you are being smart, but it can be as repetitive as the road. When its pledge-drive week at NPR, its like salt in the wound of commuters everywhere. SiriusXM?-tedious. Texting and emails -so tempting, but given my phone call experience I steered away from those activities.  I heard of all the Prius drivers turning their drives into a game to save gas , but my ride, a 2005 Audi mind you, did not have the technology for it. Games for the car-now that’s a good...

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Commuting Stinks!

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Let’s face it, commuting is the worst! Travelling on the same road every day, through the same mix of the predictable traffic and accidents wears you (and your car) down. Recently, I was trying to alleviate the boredom of my commute by making a phone call, when I ended up in a 4 car fender-bender travelling 5 MPH in stop and go traffic. Just this past week, a couple in a standard Ford F150 used the hood of my car as their brake on a steep hill in traffic. I should start commuting with those padded “bumper buddies” that sit on your...

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