Beating the Commute

How do you beat the boredom of a daily commute?  NPR? Been there. Makes you think you are being smart, but it can be as repetitive as the road. When its pledge-drive week at NPR, its like salt in the wound of commuters everywhere. SiriusXM?-tedious. Texting and emails -so tempting, but given my phone call experience I steered away from those activities.  I heard of all the Prius drivers turning their drives into a game to save gas , but my ride, a 2005 Audi mind you, did not have the technology for it. Games for the car-now that’s a good idea. Not the old, “I spy” games-or Angry Birds for the car, but interactive games that can be played on the solo drive or with friends.  What if we could safely bring smartphone games to the car and combine what is essentially lost time with activities and games that people are choosing to do in their spare time. Wouldn’t that be brilliant?

For the last four years I have been building businesses that allow people to use their smart phones in cool new ways-everything OTHER than making phone calls.  It did not seem too far-fetched to build a game for your drive using a smart phone. There are 138 million commuters in the US and with half of America owning a smartphone, it is safe to say a good number of commuters have and use smartphones while on their drive. When an MIT classmate, and now co-founder, mentioned such a solution to the driving dilemma, I knew there was the kernel of something great. Two months later, I joined Jacob in founding BRIGHTdriver, which is setting out to create interactive casual games for the car and to make driving fun again.


What else do you do on your commute? Podcasts, shave? We’d love to hear it!


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