18 Years of Cruising – A Pictorial History of My Rides

The First Love – 1977 Volvo 244DL. Rust Brown. Purchased in 1996. Sold in 1997.

The Pimp Daddy. 1987 Cadillac Sedan Deville. Black. Purchased in 1998. Scrapped in 1999 (Hit while parked).

The Bandit. 1979 Pontiac Trans-Am. Black. Purchased in 1999. Sold in 1999 (I moved to NYC). 

The Rough Rider. 1997 Mazda B-2300. Green. Purchased in 2002. Sold in 2005.

The Commuter. 1997 Volkswagen Passat GLX VR6. Purchased in 2005. Sold in 2006.

The Weekender. Porsche 911. Rented in 2006.

The Junior Executive. 2007 BMW 328XI. Graphite. Purchased in 2007.

The Swagger Wagon. 2012 Toyota Sienna. Purchased? Dare to Dream!

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